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If you have any questions regarding the club feel free to email us at archery@upsu.net and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Please note that we can only accept University of Portsmouth members, alumni membership is different than the membership linked and is about £20 more expensive for the year. If you are to join as alumni please note you will not be able to represent us at SEAL (South East Archery League) or BUCS (British University Championships) as they are limited to current students.

The membership prices for the club for the year are as follows:

University membership price: £75

Some of you will want to get a bow as soon as you join, please don’t, consult the club first as we can advise you on what to get or who to speak to for further advice at our local archery store (Quicks Archery Store).

Club kit:

Getting club kit is not required to join the club, however if you want to compete it is required that you do. The club has colours resisted to archeryGB are black and purple, the Kit top of the years 2015 onwwards is shown below. So long as the trousers that go with it at Black or union ones they are ok to be worn. This rule isn’t followed at BUCS indoor, but it is highly recommended. So long as you are a member of this club, alumni or regular, you can wear it at competitions. If you are no longer a member of the club we ask you to keep it as a training top.

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